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    1. Welcome

    2. Top reasons why meal planning is likely worth your time!

    1. What is considered a "well-planned" vegan diet?

    2. Which foods should I eat on a daily basis?

    3. How can I combine these foods to create balanced plant-based meals & snacks?

    4. Practical examples from what I actually feed my family as a vegan dietitian

    5. Portion-sizes: how can I tell if I (or the rest of my family) is eating enough?

    1. Are fortified foods or supplements essential on a vegan diet?

    2. Must-knows about vitamin B12

    3. Are you getting enough vitamin D?

    4. Iodine; the often forgotten nutrient

    5. Long-chain omega-3s and how to get them without relying on fish

    6. Can I get enough calcium from plant foods alone?

    7. What about fortified foods or supplements for children?

    1. How to meal plan using recipes

    2. How to meal plan without recipes

    3. Additional tips to make cooking without recipes a success every time!

    1. Meal planning to keep the whole family happy (including kiddos)

    2. Meal planning without spending hours in the kitchen

    3. Fitting takeout or restaurant meals in

    4. How to adjust your meal plan if you're vegetarian, flexitarian, or just veggie-curious

    5. Avoiding meal planning boredom

    1. Congratulations & next steps

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